Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ahnentafel #523

1.   Donald B. Johnstone
2.   Fred Wheeler Johnstone, b. 14 Feb 1884, Wellesley, MA, d. 20 Jan 1974, St. Albans, VT
3.   Reba Boyes
4.   James Thomas Johnstone, b. 15 Jul 1945, St. John, NB, d. 19 Jan 1932, Newport, RI
5.   Lizzie Wheeler
8.   James Johnstone, b. Scotland, d. 2 Aug 1897, Boston, MA
9.  Margaret Ann McFarlane

Ahnentafel #474

1.   James Lamb Johnston, III
2.   James Lamb Johnston, Jr.
4.   James Lamb Johnston, Sr.
8.   Archibald Simpson Johnston

Saturday, April 9, 2011

More US Civil War Records has given free access to their Civil War records from Apr. 8th -14th.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

US Civil War Records  has recently posted numerous new Civil War records on their site.  They are giving free access to the records from April 7th thru April 14th.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Devil's Beef Tub

The Devil’s Beef Tub is a deep, hollow in the hills north of the Scottish town of Moffat. Forming the 500-foot deep hollow are four hills, Great Hill, Peat Knowe, Annanhead Hill, and Ericstane Hill. The name is derived from its use by Border Rievers to hide stolen cattle (beef) and the chief users of the hollow - the Johnstone clan whose enemies referred to as “devils”.

In his novel, Redgauntlet, author Sir Walter Scott said, “It looks as if four hills were laying their heads together, to shut out daylight from the dark hollow space between them. A d----d deep, black, blackguard-looking abyss of a hole it is.”

Sunday, April 3, 2011

National Tartan Day

Are you ready to show your pride in your Scottish heritage.  April 6th is National Tartan Day in the United States.  To see if there is a celebration scheduled in your area, check out the website  Even if there is no celebration scheduled for your area of the country, wear a bit of tartan on that day.  I think you'll be surprised at the response you will receive from others you meet.  Who knows, you may even meet a fellow clansman!

Lawrence Scottish Fest (Kansas)

Spent a nice evening celebrating Robert Burns and Tartan Day.  Lawrence, KS has moved their Robert Burns celebration from its usually unpredictable weather night in January to a more hospitable day in April that corresponds to Tartan Week.  There were pipers, musicians playing Scottish tunes and good eats from a local bakery.  This was their "15th annual celebration of traditional & contemporary Scottish music & culture".  I always enjoy this laid back evening of celebration and am pleased that it has moved to a more hospitable time of the year.  Now there will be less chance of forgoing the event because of icing roads! 

Lots of clips from past events can be found at their website

Friday, April 1, 2011

Social Security Card Facts

A.  Social Secutiry cards were never intended to be identification cards. 

B.  Prior to November 1971, all Social Security cards and numbers were assigned using the information an individual provided.  Just statement of fact; no proof necessary. 

C.  After 1971, anyone age 55 and over applying for a card for the first time was required to submit evidence of their identity. 

D.  Beginning with April 1974, all applicants age 18 and over had to prove identity, age and citizenship.

E.   In 1978 this requirement was expanded to all applicants with two forms of evidence generally being required.  Documents most often presented - a birth certificate, a driver's license, marriage and divorce documents. 

F.  Today, the Enumeration at Birth system automates the whole process by letting hospitals provide photocopied birth certificates on the behalf of new parents.

Ahnentafel #411

1.   Jean M. Johnston
2.   Thomas Johnston, b. 22 June 1853, Ontario, Can., d. 25 Sep 1933, Crystal, ND
3.   Nina Fountain
3.   Sarah Ellen Garbutt
4.   Willia Johnston
5.   Annie O'brien, b. ca 1821, Ireland, d. Ontario, Can.