Friday, April 1, 2011

Social Security Card Facts

A.  Social Secutiry cards were never intended to be identification cards. 

B.  Prior to November 1971, all Social Security cards and numbers were assigned using the information an individual provided.  Just statement of fact; no proof necessary. 

C.  After 1971, anyone age 55 and over applying for a card for the first time was required to submit evidence of their identity. 

D.  Beginning with April 1974, all applicants age 18 and over had to prove identity, age and citizenship.

E.   In 1978 this requirement was expanded to all applicants with two forms of evidence generally being required.  Documents most often presented - a birth certificate, a driver's license, marriage and divorce documents. 

F.  Today, the Enumeration at Birth system automates the whole process by letting hospitals provide photocopied birth certificates on the behalf of new parents.

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