Monday, August 29, 2011

Annual Dues

It's that time of year again.  Your annual dues for Clan Johnston/e in America are now due.  If you haven't received a reminder in the mail, visit the Clan website at to review how to pay and the cost. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Y-DNA Third Party Uploads - Family Tree DNA

Announcement by Family Tree DNA

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new feature we hope will benefit your projects: Y-DNA "Third Party" uploads.
This will allow for the upload of 33 and 46-marker Y-DNA test results from Ancestry, GeneTree and Sorensen's SMGF. This was a natural development since the necessary tools were created to import the DNA Heritage database after they ceased operations. While the DNA Heritage transfer is free of charge as a result of that acquisition, we will be charging a nominal fee of $19 per person to import third party results into Family Tree DNA. This $19 fee will be credited to customers who order upgrades or add-ons.
For an additional $39, customers who transfer their third party results will also have additional markers tested so that they can receive matches to Family Tree DNA's 25 or 37-marker level, ancestral origins, and other features of the personal page.
Please forward the following link to those who may be interested in ordering the Third Party transfer:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ahnentafel #2163

1.   Olen Lee Johnson, Sr.
2.   Arlie Johnson
3.   Maggie Buckner
4.   Isaac Mithcell Johnson, b. 1876, Cherokee Co., NC
5.   Manda Buckner, b. 1877
8.   Isaac Morton Johnston, b. 1822 Rutherford Co., NC
9.   Mahala Palmer. b. 1834, NC
16. Daniel Johnson, Jr., b. 1797, Rutherford Co., NC, d. 1877
17. Elizabeth Cansalor, b. 1803, Rutherford Co., NC, D. C. 1870
32. Daniel Johnson, Sr. b. 1754, Goochland Co., VA, D. bef. 1813
33. Mary Morton, B. c.  1756, VA, d. aft. 1836 Rutherford Co., NC
64. William Johnston. b. c. 1728, d. 1767 Charlotte Co., VA
65. Elizabeth Hutcheson, b. c. 1732, d. c. 1778
128. Daniel Johnson, b. 1699, VA, D. 1754, Goochland Co., VA
129 Agnes (?), b. c. 1710, d. c. 1775
256. Michael Johnson, b. c. 1675, d. 1719, Henrico Co., VA
257. Sarah Watson, b. c. 1675, d. c. 1720, Henrico Co., Va

Ahnentafel #2022

1.   Eugene Johnstone. b. 1928, Polk Co., WI
2.   Robert William Johnston, b. 1890, Polk Co., MN
4.   William Johnston, b. 1855, Utica, OH
8.   Josiah M. Johnston, b. 1820, PA
16. James Johnston, b. 1780
32. John Johnston, b. btw. 1729-1758, Dublin, Ireland
64. Robert/Richard Johnston, b. btw. 1689-1732, Dublin, Ireland