Tuesday, February 26, 2013

James Johnston, 1750-1812

James Johnston, 1750-1812, m. Margaret Bay
Children:  John, Agnes, James, William, Margaret, Andrew, Hannah, Robert, Hugh, Samuel, Alexander, Joseph, Polly.

Descendant chart can be found in:  "Old Oxford and Her Families" by George West Diehl
Old Oxford is a Presbyterian Church in Rockbridge County, VA

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Charles Earl Johnson, b. 1851, Raleigh, NC

Charles Johnson
+ ? Earl
    |_ Charles Earl Johnson
        + Frances Taylor
           |_ (Dr.) Charles E. Johnson, d. 1876
                |_ Charles Earl Johnson, b. 1851, Raleigh, NC
                    + Mary Ellis Wilson, m. 7 Dec 1876

Biographical sketch found in "Biographical History of N.C., Vol. 2" by Ashe, Samuel A.